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Our Overview

We offer you a broad range of capabilities eliminating the need to engage multiple vendors. This means that the development of your web site can also include multiple custom applications. No matter what your web-based initiative we have the tools, talents and skills to help and with our proven approach projects are guaranteed to be on time and on budget.

The seamless integration of a web site's information architecture, custom applications and graphic elements combined with an almost obsessive attention to detail.

Our developers use different programming tools to construct a functional web site including HTML and Dynamic HTML coding, Javascript, Flash, ASP, MS SQL and many others. Our web site designers create web interface designs that integrate both brand recognition and information architecture and our quality assurance process ensures all the robust defined procedures.

Our market-driven design approach integrates strategic business planning, interactive communications capabilities, advanced web technologies and artistic design to deliver a design specification tailored to your business needs. The highly trained professionals at IMICUK will manage all aspects of the design, creation, production, installation and promotion of your web site in order to reach your audience and make your business image powerful.

Our Work Process

Explore all our capabilities and see how we can put your web site to work. We keep your projects on time, on budget and on target. Flexible process helps define tangible goals and absolute timelines while allowing for dynamic updates and the free flow of information.

The IMICUK project lifecycle define to design to develop to test to release to maintain


At this stage research, preparation and strategy are paramount. We gather client and competitive information. Analyze and discuss client objectives and create a realistic plan by prioritizing achievable goals.


Our design process covers everything from visual design (how it looks) to information design (what it says). We create navigational schemes and user flows based on audience type so we can communicate effectively. The design will also reinforce and enhance your existing brand.


From web sites and CD-ROMs to content and custom applications; our development process is focused on our customers. The pieces we develop will be brand-consistent, they will be easy to integrate and they will be delivered as the environment dictates.

Test & Quality Assurance

Our solutions have to work in a variety of environments. This is where our extensive testing benefits you. We test for compatibility by actually running your solution with new and old computers and software.


This is when it all happens. The weeks and sometimes months of work come down to the release. We make sure your solution is deployed quickly, without a hitch and with the appropriate documentation. We can even help you announce your solution to employees, customers and the offline media.


When everything is living, the work is not done. We stay on top of the solutions we offer. We analyze feedback and refine the solution as our customer's situation changes. Our goal is total satisfaction for our customers.


We are always striving to update our IT related services. Please call us or contact us to arrange a meeting with you to introduce our company activities, and to understand your business activities and IT requirements in a better way. Our goal is to serve our client in the best professional way.